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Taking its name from the utilitarian working methods of Marie Curie and Joseph Cornell, Tabletop, is a backyard mix of personal and professional pursuits. A platform for thought experiments on issues pertaining to the field of contemporary sculpture, and for the purpose of accurately describing the dilemmas associated with an intuitive practice. In it, or perhaps to extend the metaphor, on it I write from my perspective as a sculptor, a student, and most recently, a teacher.

I write this blog to serve equally as a reference for myself and my contemporaries, and a referral for those awake to the qualities of contemporary art but not its discourses. For this reason, each post will be organized around a topic pertinent to but not constrained by contemporary events. Having as little knack for journalism as I have aptitude for criticism, I will focus on what I know well: how to recognize a dilemma in the creative process and how to think through it.